ICT for Learning Program: SRD (School Recommended Device)

Students use a range of technologies every day to enrich their lives and support their learning. They are used to accessing information immediately and from any location.

Technology is also changing teaching and learning; use of technology allows students to:

  • Work collaboratively, sharing ideas and interacting with their peers, both at home and at school.
  • Improve their research skills
  • Become independent learners
  • Access their curriculum, on line, twenty four hours a day.

Effective use of technology underpins curriculum development. Both the SACE and the Australian Curriculum require students to have highly developed independent learning skills, research skills and the ability to present their work using a range of media.

Personalised Learning, which addresses the needs of each child, is also gaining momentum. Efficient use of ICT, through the school’s Learner Management System (Daymap), will support teachers to develop differentiated learning programs which may be accessed readily by students and eventually parents.

Recently, the school has invested heavily to upgrade the school infrastructure to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service for students.

The school, however, does not have the financial resources to replace computers as they become obsolete. Families are, therefore, encouraged to purchase one of the School Recommended Device (SRD) for students to use at school and at home.

To facilitate this process, the school has partnered with Learning with Technologies to offer you the opportunity to purchase one of three recommended devices through the Mitcham Girls High School website.  Read more