School Buses

Mitcham Girls High School does not run any private school buses. However, Adelaide Metro provides several school buses that drop off and pick up at Mitcham Girls, as well as other local schools. For information on school buses, please refer to the list at the end of the page or go to  

As well as these special services, many girls come to Mitcham Girls High on general public transport. For further information on regular bus and train routes, as well as school bus routes, please refer to the Adelaide Metro website:

Adelaide Metro also have an Info Centre on the corner of King William and Currie Streets in the city which can be contacted on 1300 311 108. For assistance in understanding the available routes, or for any other enquiries, please call the Adelaide Metro Info Line on 1800 182 160. Adelaide Metro staff will be able to provide more detailed assistance than the school staff.


School Buses 968 and 969 depart from Stop 14E Edward Street at 8:13am, arrives 8:27am
School Bus 986 departs Stop 14 Grange Road at 8:20am
School Bus 966 departs Marion Centre Zone E at 7:50am
School Bus 988 departs Glenelg Interchange at 7:43am
School Bus 989 departs Aberfoyle Hub at 7:25am
School Bus 782 departs Noarlunga Centre Interchange at 7:16am. 
School Bus 783 departs Old Reynella Interchange at 7:42am, departs Stop 26 South Road at 7:57am
Bus 886 departs Mt Barker Park 'n' Ride at 7:16am (Route Description & am/pm timetable).


School Bus 967 arrives at Zone B, Glenelg at 4:27pm
School Bus 633 arrives at Stop 15 Marion Road at 3:43pm
School Bus 987 arrives at Stop 11A Marion Road at 3:55pm
School Bus 972 arrives at Stop 20 South Road at 3:45pm
School Bus 970 arrives at Glenelg Interchange at 4:01pm
School Bus 971 arrives at Marion Shopping Centre at 3:57pm
School Bus 989 arrives at Aberfoyle Hub at 4:40pm
School Bus 782 arrives at Noarlunga Centre Interchange at 4:40pm.
School Bus 783 arrives at Main South Road, (Stop 26 Bedford Park) at 3:54pm.
Bus 886 arrives at Mount Barker Park 'n' Ride at 4:38pm.

School Buses make an earlier run on Wednesday afternoons to allow for earlier school closure (2:25pm).